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                2. Latest News

                  45 New Wanda Plazas Opened in 2020

                  45 New Wanda Plazas Opened in 2020

                  On December 25, Linshu Wanda Plaza opened for business in Linyi, Shandong Province. It is the 45th Wanda Plaza opened this year. Up to this point, Wanda has...

                  Latest Openings

                  • Lasa Wanda Plaza

                  • Zibo Fuli Wanda Plaza

                  • Bengbu Huaishang Wanda Plaza


                  A Wanda Plaza integrates retail, leisure, hotels and residential into one fully functional complex, and is located at the economic heart of each city.

                  Wanda Plaza Nationwide Directory(385)

                  The company is national leading hotel management brand.Wanda’s hotel portfolio includes the ultra-luxury hotel brand Wanda Reign, the luxury hotel brand Wanda Vista, the ...

                  Luxury Hotels Nationwide Directory(84)


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